The High Performance Chlor-alkali Ion exchange membrane electrolyzer for the production of Chlorine And 30–-35% Caustic Soda NaOH

chlor-alkali electrolyzer retifier

The control part of the SCR (thyristor) electrolysis power supply adopts a microcomputer dual-control hot standby all-digital control system, which has fast calculation speed, powerful functions, and stable and reliable. Advanced non-disturbance switching technology. When a controller fails, it will automatically switch to the standby controller to work. The switching process is completed by the internal data bus without the intervention of arbitration circuit components. The technology has passed the inspection of the "National Power Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center" and obtained the national principle invention patent. At the same time, it has the redundancy function, which can replace the faulty controller with power on, without affecting the work; the replaced controller does not need to be debugged, and the parameter copy is automatically executed, so that all the parameters of the new controller are the same as the working controller.
The equipment has a complete protection system: the body protection includes overcurrent, overvoltage, over Load, water pressure, water temperature, overvoltage protection, fuse monitoring, component temperature monitoring, Water leakage protection, etc.; auxiliary equipment interlock protection: DC knife switch, rectifier transformer Non-electricity protection, pure water cooler, oil air/oil cooler, electrolytic cell interlocking, etc.
The main structure of rectifier adopts three-phase bridge type, in-phase/non-in-phase inverse parallel circuit; double inverse star type, in-phase/non-in-phase inverse parallel circuit. The pulse number of a single unit is 6-24 pulses, the output current can reach 70KA (customized as required).

Technical Specs of chlor-alkali electrolyzer rectificer :

Installation method indoor Product form customized
Altitude <2000 meters Rated voltage range DC10—1200V
Relative humidity <90%RH Rated current range DC10—70000A
Ambient temperature <45℃ Rated operating temperature <50K
Output adjustment range 0-- Lifetime >20 years
Voltage accuracy 0.3% Output ripple <5%
Current accuracy 0.1% Rated power factor >0.92
Incoming power 50HZ±1%,3 Phase,N ,0.38 or 10KV(35KV)±%10  

Operating Instructions:

1, the voltage: <2.8—3.0v
2, the current density: 3.0—6.0 kA/m2
3, or based on the operation condition


This series of products are mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, copper foil, silicon carbide, chloric acid Potassium, electrolytic water hydrogen production, electroplating, electrolytic polishing, anodizing and other industries.

The advantage of our rectificer:

1. The cabinet adopts a fully enclosed design, which is dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and prolongs its service life.
2. Ultra-high capacity margin, design of all key components> 3 times margin.
3. A water immersion electrode is arranged at the bottom of the rectifier cabinet to send out an alarm signal when water leakage occurs, which is convenient for maintenance
4. The thyristor is connected in series with a fast fuse to protect the components from damage.
5. Use RC and varistor to effectively prevent commutation and operating over-voltage.
6. Microcomputer dual-control hot standby system, automatic switching without disturbance.
7. The cabinet frame adopts non-magnetic rigid or aluminum alloy structure to cut off the magnetic circuit to reduce eddy current loss and prevent the cabinet from heating.

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